Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Collaborative Ministry (Really?)”

As the culture changes all around us, congregations are changing, too – not least of all in how authority is exercised and trust is built, plus who is leading the way into the future. The roles of Minister, Board, staff and volunteers look quite different … read more.

“Listening to the Stories”

Veterans of military service in our country are celebrated – officially, at least. The stories they bring with them into the rest of their lives are not always welcome, however, in this society that would rather not pay attention to the realities of war. Come … read more.

“Widening the Circle”

Cultures define what is normal and what is not – whose voices dominate, what ideas are more important than others. And, it is possible to expand the edges of the circles we live within to include ideas and values that are right nearby but too … read more.

“Binding Each to All”

Some communities and traditions we are born into; others we choose to join, and sometimes even help to lead. What does it mean to “belong” to a congregation? Some reflections on the ways life has of calling us into becoming the persons we are meant … read more.

“Dissonant Histories”

Origin stories about how “America” came to be have enormous impact on culture, norms, and even laws that define who belongs here. But different peoples have different stories, and it’s past time for us to hold a larger truth. Honoring Indigenous Peoples Day.

“Going with Empty Hands”

The Jewish traditions of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur celebrate the importance of restoring balance to life by practicing forgiveness. Is it always right to ask forgiveness from those we have harmed, or forgiving those who have harmed us? Do rituals of atonement have something … read more.

“Of Mountains and Dragons”

September is a time of crisp days, brilliant colors, and returning energy: a season for new ventures, new semesters and getting ready for the winter that will test us. It is also perhaps a season to strengthen our spirits. What I learned from celebrating Michaelmas.

“Why Are We Here?”

Where did Unitarian Universalism come from – and where are we headed? Some say that UUism is no longer a religion, but something else entirely. Reflections on how the story of our liberal / progressive religious tradition intertwines with the nation’s history, and our role … read more.

Ingathering Sunday

Come celebrate the beginning of a new congregational year – everyone is welcome! This all-ages service will include a water ceremony (bring a small amount of water from a special place in your life) and a story about telling stories, featuring the Society’s Board members. … read more.