Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Welcome Back, Welcome In”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Erika Reif, New Members, the Choir, and more!

As we approach the end of this congregational year, we will celebrate the Society’s abundant blessings with beloved traditions in slightly new forms – Flower Communion, New Member Recognition, followed by the annual June … read more.

“What Shall We Do About Evil?”

Unitarian Universalism teaches faith in justice, love, and goodness in the world – and especially in people. But what can we say when our beautiful world seems broken under the weight of everything that is the opposite of goodness? Some thoughts on what it might mean to … read more.

“Religions and History”

Throughout human history wars have been fought, lands claimed, peoples conquered, grand new visions of the future declared – all, too often, in the name of religion. Much as we might lament this pattern, it’s not likely to change very soon. Some thoughts on the … read more.

“The Trees’ Truth”

Do you have a favorite tree in your life? Do you seek out the comfort of shade and the sounds of leaves in the breeze when you feel stressed? In these precious short weeks as trees and forests are once again teaching us about awe and beauty, … read more.

“Work, Justice, Meaning”  

We will honor work on this Labor Day Sunday: the hard-won gains of those who organize to make life better for all workers; the faith and perseverance of all who work to make life possible for others. In this time of overwhelming and overlapping crises, … read more.

Outdoor Worship Cancelled

Due to an unfortunate weather forecast, we have decided to cancel this Sunday’s Worship Service.  Please join us for a special Online Coffee Hour. at 10 a.m.


Live-streamed services begin weekly on August 15. Check the eNews and website for more information.