Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Beyond These Walls”

Much has changed in this past year: assumptions about what’s “normal;” people’s ways of interacting; measures of success; expectations about… well, almost everything! Including how religious communities show up in the world. For more than 200 years, this Society has been synonymous with its Meeting … read more.

“Resurrection. Confusion. Hope”

However you connect to the theology of Easter (or don’t), there’s something in the Easter story for everyone. Death and life; winter and spring; betrayal and hope; confusion and faith. All of it especially fitting this year. Come join in our Easter celebration … read more.

“Living in the Middle”

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. It is hard to do this well in any year given the diversity of women’s lives. Now, in this confusing time, we are called to remember and respond to the real catastrophes so many women face. Sometimes, poets can help us … read more.

“On Sorrow, Commitment, and Holy Ground”

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.” It’s interesting to notice when life’s ordinary (and extraordinary) sorrows change us: shifting our understanding of what matters most, and how we can cherish one another. Some thoughts on this Society in this … read more.

“We’ve Made It This Far…”

It was one year ago when everything changed at the First UU Society – the pandemic moved into our lives, and we all moved out of the Meeting House. A look back at some of what’s happened, some of what we’re still learning, and some … read more.

“True Stories”  

February is Black History Month – a perfect time to look for, and learn from, real-life stories of Black Americans who’ve helped shape our country’s history. We’ll share a few of those stories and encourage all of us to search out more, to stretch the boundaries … read more.

“Choosing Love”

The common expression may be that people “fall” in love, as if intention and attention play no part in that transformative process. Reality, on the other hand, teaches us that nurturing love requires a great deal of us – not once, but over and over … read more.

“What Is Beloved Community?”

Some have said that Beloved Community becomes real “when we say ‘we’ and mean everyone.” How does such a beautiful vision come to be… and at what cost to whatever we have come to expect as normal? Where in your life have you encountered what … read more.