Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Learning Resilience”

Why are some human beings, or families, or communities, or cultures, particularly resilient? Living through difficult challenges plays a part… but the kind of deep resilience that keeps people centered, determined and even joyful does not inevitably result from finding a way through hard times. … read more.

“Dreaming the World”

Celebrating the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is important every year… and never more than now, in this time of heightened dangers for people of color and greater understanding of the persistent costs of our nation’s legacy of slavery and racism. What does Dr. … read more.

“The State of the Society”

January is a good time to take a step back from day-to-day congregational life and assess how this Society is doing: where you’ve come from during the last decade and where you are heading in this new time. My role as your developmental minister calls … read more.

“Believing Whatever We Want?”

It has been many decades since Unitarian Universalism took the bold step of rejecting the need for a creed: a set of core beliefs that announces our religious identity. There were (and are) many good reasons for being creed-less… and it can be confusing, not … read more.

“The Battle for Christmas”

Did you know that for a long time in the early decades of European settlement in “America,” Christmas was not regarded as a legitimate religious holiday? Come hear some of the stories of how Christmas became a beloved and sacred holiday in our country, and … read more.

“Collaborative Ministry (Really?)”

As the culture changes all around us, congregations are changing, too – not least of all in how authority is exercised and trust is built, plus who is leading the way into the future. The roles of Minister, Board, staff and volunteers look quite different … read more.

“Listening to the Stories”

Veterans of military service in our country are celebrated – officially, at least. The stories they bring with them into the rest of their lives are not always welcome, however, in this society that would rather not pay attention to the realities of war. Come … read more.