Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Voting in America”

Ever since our revolutionary ancestors won independence from England, voting has been an essential part of this country’s identity. But looking back at how voting has happened in America gives a less-than-consistent message about what really matters. What principles are guiding us now?

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“On Needing Each Other”

Last week’s focus was on listening carefully to ourselves – enough to allow our minds and hearts to be changed. This week’s topic is the other side of that practice: how listening intently to the people around you can lead to transformative change, too.

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“Stump the Minister”

Why should the Minister be the only one to choose topics for worship? Today, your questions – curated by a team of Worship Associates – will shape the service. Don’t miss it… and be sure to come to Zoom coffee hour to continue the discussion!

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“With Nothing to Hold on To”

What happens to compassion during a pandemic? On this, as with many other big questions, our assumptions about “the way life is” get thrown into uncertainty. How can we take care of each other when we’re wondering how to care for ourselves?

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“Habits of Love”

What actually happens when one person cares for another person? “Mothering” changes people – no matter who is doing it. Not to mention how it changes the world. Honoring Mother’s Day beyond greeting cards and brunch.

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“For All That Is Our Life”

Paying attention to what makes you feel grateful can be an effective antidote to constant worry and uncertainty…it even helps with anger and frustration (sometimes). Today, gratitude stories from life in congregations, and the remarkable lessons we teach each other.

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