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Sunday Mornings

At its core, UU family faith development is a journey of relationships. We try to provide opportunities for families with children to connect with each other, other families, and other generations.

Because the needs of families are diverse, we offer diverse ways for families with children to engage with our congregation. Families are always welcome to worship together during the entire service. We provide coloring pages and quiet toys in bins at the front and back of the Sanctuary to make this easier.

We nurture the faith formation of our children through shared worship, classes, and special programs. Most Sundays, families begin worship together in our Sanctuary until children have the option of leaving for Faith Development Programming during the Children’s Parting Song, about 20 minutes in.

Multigenerational Worship Services

Several times each year the entire service is designed especially to engage all generations, as children youth and adults worship and celebrate together; we call these Multigenerational Services. The nursery remains open, but we hope that most children will stay in the Sanctuary and take part in this lively and interactive form of worship.

Family Chapel

On the first Sunday of the month (January to April) parents, teachers, and anyone else who would like, join children in the Community Room on the lower level for Family Chapel. Children help to lead this alternative start to Sunday worship, after which parents will head up to the sanctuary to join the larger worship service and kids will begin their classes or other scheduled activities.

Infants & Toddlers

While welcome in our Sanctuary, we also offer care for Infants and toddlers in our safe, friendly Nursery by trained adult supervisors and teen staff. Parents can sign children into the Nursery before, or at any time during, our Sunday morning worship. For children who need a parent to stay with them the first or second time, parents can pick up a listening device from the main office which will allow them to hear the service while their children become familiar with the staff and the space. For more information about our Nursery contact Margo Whitcomb at [email protected]

Rocking chairs are available at the rear of the Sanctuary and you may also listen to the service in the parlors with your infant/toddler if you need a quieter space. Changing tables are available in all bathrooms and the Nursery.

Faith Development Programs for Children

Preschool and lower elementary children follow Spirit Play, a Montessori-based curriculum centered on the children, with engaging stories which pose wondering questions. Groups of older children explore UU identity, spiritual growth, justice-making, and faith formation through selections in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Tapestry of Faith series. Sixth graders grapple with big questions and explore UU History. Your child must be registered to participate in the Faith Development Program.

Register for Faith Development Here

Preschool – Early Elementary

This age group follows the curriculum, Spirit Play, where stories and wondering questions are shared in a child-centered atmosphere. For some examples, follow this link to our resources page and scroll to Spirit Play Stories.

Soup Sunday at First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington

5th – 8th Grades

RIDDLE & MYSTERY: There are so many questions in life and this program helps sixth graders begin to search for understanding. It is paired with an exploration of UU history which prepares the group for an experiential learning trip to Boston in the spring.


CROSSING PATHS: Youth experience the beliefs, worship, and rituals of a diverse mix of nearby faith communities. They do this through many field trips as well as hosting guests, all of which gives them a wider context for understanding their UU faith. 

Sunday Morning Schedule for children

Below is the schedule for Sunday mornings when we have Faith Development (FD) classes. Since a number of Sundays diverge from this schedule, please check our Upcoming Services page for details about what’s ahead for worship and classes or other activities for children and youth.

9:45: Nursery opens
10:00: Worship Service begins in the Sanctuary
10:20: Preschool – 8th graders leave worship for FD classes
11:15: Worship Service ends ** Fellowship and hospitality in the Community Room **
11:20: FD classes end – parents pick children up from their classrooms
11:20: Nursery close

First Sunday of the month:

9:45: Nursery opens
10:00: Family Chapel begins in the Community Room while Worship Service begins in the Sanctuary
10:20: Parents join the Worship Service in the sanctuary while Preschool – 8th graders leave chapel for FD classes
11:15: Worship Service ends ** Fellowship and hospitality in the Community Room **
11:20: FD classes end – parents pick children up from their classrooms
11:20: Nursery closes