It is a joy to be together again.

As of Fall 2022, we are working our way back to gathering with family programming outdoors (as weather permits) in addition to indoor classes and activities beginning in October. Outdoor childcare is underway as of August during service on Sunday mornings.  A team of staff welcomes children of all ages to our beautiful memorial garden for meaningful play and community building.  As we move indoors in October, we will launch three new Sunday classes as well as re-open our indoor nursery for infants and toddlers. At this time, all children and staff will be masked indoors during classes and childcare.

Please feel free to review a sampling of our initiatives of staying together during COVID



Registration affords us necessary contact information and details to include your child in age appropriate invitations as our programming evolves. Please click the link to register: Faith Development Registration link


We will be updating this area with more specifics however, we do know that we will have classes for ages Pre K through 8th grade this fall.  In addition, we will re-open our nursery for our youngest congregants and re-start our Youth Group.  Stay tuned for details and register at the above Registration link.

Current classes include:

The Nursery: Free and creative play with loving guidance from our childcare providers. Currently for children through Pre-school.

Spirit Play and Play-making – For K-3rd grade: Spirit Play is a Montessori based curriculum rooted in story, ritual, play, and creativity. Play-making is an adaptation created by our own kids where they reflect on the story presented in Family Chapel by creating a short play complete with homemade props and costumes.

Bible Stories: 4th-6th graders act out stories from the Bible as a means to understand the historical document and develop their own moral reasoning. Led by a Religious Studies professor, the acting out of scenes begets a good deal of silliness, so while it sounds serious, kids have a blast year after year!

Crossing Paths: 7th-9th graders enjoy an updated and experiential version of the traditional world religion program, “Building Bridges.”  It is an opportunity to engage the world’s diversity of faiths in a safe, affirming atmosphere that is grounded in Unitarian Universalist faith.

(Our Whole Lives) OWL: 8th/9th graders participate in this renowned, comprehensive, sexuality education curriculum. Click for more on OWL

YUUTH Group: 9-12th graders make connections, consider big questions, do service projects and have fun in weekly meetings. Click for more on YUUTH group


… Just a sampling of the ways we maintained connection during COVID …

For most services, we offered a narrated story for our families and youngest congregants that echoed the service themes; on topics as wide ranging as BIPOC voices, social justice, UU principles, and environmentalism.  Follow this link Story Listings for brief descriptions and access to our youtube site to experience the stories, on demand.

These stories were popular with all ages which is why we provided this listing.  We hope you will borrow one of these books from your local library or purchase your own for yourselves or as a gift.


A 50 minute monthly online chapel before the worship service, usually the first Sunday of the month from 9:00 to 9:50 a.m. was offered.  All were invited to attend, meet new friends and see familiar faces while engaging in activities and reflections on the monthly theme. Geared towards children and families. Parents/caregivers were welcome to participate or not, but were nearby if younger ones needed help.


Beginning in Spring 2020, we welcomed the public and our own members to roam our grounds and view a series of installations in words and pictures. The thematic focus was racial justice and faith, in rotation, until the final weeks of warm weather, This is something we plan to continue, as weather permits. For a complete listing of the visually arresting books we have exhibited to date, follow this link.  

Video and Parent Resources


In an effort to maintain the connections in faith development and service, we made occasional deliveries of craft projects and seasonal celebration items.  Highlights included packages celebrating Spring along with seeds and instructions for families to grow their own seedlings!  As winter approached, we compiled packages of sweets and dreidel games, cards and crafts, all delivered door to door.  The month of March brought  mystery bags and an in home scavenger hunt to explore curiosity!



We had vibrant gatherings of 5th through 8th graders who come together for an hour of online games.  Games included “Guess the Pixalating Picture”, “Trivia”, “Family Feud” as well as the most popular recent addition, “Where’s Bernie”?  This was a late afternoon hour dedicated to coming together with a chance to connect with old and new friends..


Our UU high school aged youth held weekly meetings and are back face to face.  Meetings are generally Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00 and some Sunday afternoons. All remain masked.  All were welcome to drop in or join more formally. In this group, youth made connections, considered big questions, engaged in creative activities and did service in the congregation and community.  Click this link to join or visit [email protected]




Unable to gather in person this past holiday season, families and individuals were invited to create unique ice lanterns and luminaries.  These pieces were installed on the meeting house grounds and illuminated for a safe distance ambling as the snow fell on Solstice Eve.



An outdoor festival of games and art making combined as a service project hosted by our YUUTH group. Hand painted pumpkins were designed and delivered by more mobile members of our community to those more isolated and home bound in these times.  Brightening our days!



A multigenerational gathering for all ages.  This was a great way to get to know folks across the congregation and have some fun.  Folks came for a little bit or the whole time and enjoyed a wide range of age appropriate online games from the “zoom” repertoire!