The Care Network is one of the ways that we live into one aspect of the FUUSB mission ~

 to care for each other and our community. While there are lovely, informal, sometimes even spontaneous ways in which we care for each other in this congregation, the Care Network is structured to provide, at this time, the following kinds of care:


  • Connection Through Communication: given the size of our congregation, it’s easy to not know what’s happening in the lives of other congregants, even if we want to know. To remedy this, we have a weekly Message that goes out to those active congregants who are a part of our Realm Communications system. This weekly message includes updates on congregant joys, sorrows & gratitudes such as milestones (anniversaries, birthdays), or health conditions, or expression of appreciation. 


Congregants submit their update via this form and then our Joys & Sorrows & Gratitudes Messenger collects the submissions, sometimes edits them for clarity & length, and publishes this information using Community Messenger.


  • Prayer Shawl Ministry: anyone in the congregation who knits can participate in creating shawls that are given to folks in need of a hand-knit “healing hug” in the form of a prayer shawl. Shawls are knit by congregants who follow some simple instructions. Knitters can purchase the yarn they use or we have a limited amount of yarn for those who want to knit and need the yarn supplied. There are many reasons why someone might be a recipient of a prayer shawl – after a major loss or while recovering after a hospitalization or common reasons. 


Know someone who could benefit from receiving a “handknit healing hug”? Email Rev. Karen at [email protected].


  • Meal Support When You Need It: sometimes, the things we are going through, be they joyful or sorrowful, mean that we could use a meal or two (or 2-3 weeks’ worth) to help lighten our load. Maybe it’s because a new kiddo arrived in your family. Maybe it’s because you are recovering from surgery. Maybe it’s because someone dear to you just died. 


Our Meal Support uses an online platform called Meal Train (Vermont Strong!) to help organize meals (or gift cards to local restaurants) provided by other congregants. If you would like to request a meal train be set up for you, you can fill out this form or email [email protected] and you’ll hear back from one of our Meal Train Coordinators. This support is only for involved FUUSB congregants and is typically for no more than a 2-3 week period of time.

Want to be someone who responds to Meal Train requests? Great!  Thank you for your generosity of spirit!  You can do so by reading the eNews and Community Messenger in Realm each week, or by joining on Realm the “Care Network Interest Group” because this is where opportunities to respond will be highlighted to the congregation. You can also email [email protected] and let the coordinators know that you want to be alerted to any meal train requests that need some extra attention for them to be successful.