First UU Society can provide a welcoming space to celebrate the life of your loved one. Memorial services can take place any time after someone’s death: from a few days to months later. Even if families wish to “celebrate” the life of a loved one, memorial services are often occasions when the complexities of grief and family dynamics arise. Because these are tender and powerful dynamics, it’s advisable to invite an experienced religious professional to help plan, and lead, memorial services. If you are interested in holding a Memorial Service at the First UU Society Meeting House, please contact Erin Barbot at

Please be aware that the current pandemic may require us to postpone, cancel, or otherwise change the requirements for holding your event in our building at a moment’s notice. Our Ceremony Coordinator will notify you of any changes.


Memorial Service Information Sheet – Non-Member – Google Docs

Memorial Service Information Sheet – Members – Google Docs

List of Officiants

Memorial Garden History – Google Docs

Interment Request Form – Google Docs

Memorial Garden

All arrangements for interment in the Garden are made through the FUUSB Ceremony Coordinator. Ashes are interred directly, without a container, into the earth of the Garden and the name, date of birth, and death of the interred are recorded in the Memorial Garden Record Book. The suggested fee for interment is $400, which contributes to the perpetual care of the Garden. Contributions to the Memorial Garden Fund are always appreciated. Donations are our Memorial Garden’s only source of funds and will be used to cover ongoing maintenance and plantings. Interment cannot take place during the months when the ground is frozen. The gate to the garden is open on Sunday mornings during good weather. At other times, access to the Garden can be arranged through the the FUUSB Facilities Manager.