We’re All Learners

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington provides diverse opportunities for spiritual growth, faith development and personal discovery promoting life-long learning for all ages and stages of life.

We Discover Faith Together in Our Families

We affirm all families, of origin and of choice. Parents and caregivers find support to embrace their role as children’s primary religious educators—to open authentic conversations with children about difficult topics—to grow in faith together through religious practices, truth-seeking, justice work, service projects, and more.

A Covenant, Not a Creed

We believe there is no single answer to life’s ultimate mysteries; therefore, we do not require the adoption of a creed, or set of particular beliefs. Instead, we make a covenant – a sacred promise – to support and encourage one another to continually develop an authentic meaning of our lives by exploring wisdom and experiences from diverse sources. This way, we deepen our identity as Unitarian Universalists.

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