Complete a Pledge Card


As we enter this time of great hope of meeting in person once again, it is the perfect time to reevaluate just how much this Society means to us and how we can support it in a meaningful way.  We want to make this process extra simple and straightforward!


Before completing a pledge card, you might want to consider just how much
you can afford to give this year.  One way to do this is by using the UUA’s
Contribution Guide.  Another way is to consider increasing your pledge by the
cost of living for this year, which is 5.9%.


Complete a Pledge Card


Are You Ready?  Here is all there is to it – confirm your pledge for the 2022-2023
fiscal year by clicking on the “Complete a Pledge Card” button above! Just fill
out the form below, letting us know how much you are able to contribute and how you
plan to give (Monthly, Weekly, or As You Can) That’s it! We’ll be back in touch
this spring to confirm the amount of your pledge, and to remind you to set up your
automatic payments.  To keep this Stewardship Campaign short and sweet, we’re
asking you to please update your pledge card no later than April 3.


In this spirit of simplicity, First UU pledges no longer come with an automatic
expiration date of one year. Once people commit to becoming members and
make a financial pledge, the understanding is that your commitment will be sustained
from year to year. The amount you pledge may go up or down, but your pledge to
support this congregation lasts as long as we do.  Therefore, if you are a
member and we do not receive a pledge card from you, we will assume that
your pledge will be the same as last year.


If you have any questions or concerns about your pledge or any other kind
of contribution to FUUSB, please be in touch with Christina Fulton, Director
of Operations & Finance at 802-862-5630 ext. 2200 or [email protected].


Thank you for being your wonderful selves – hopeful, engaged, committed to the
values and love that make our congregation strong.
In so much gratitude,


Your Stewardship Team


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