On the first Sunday I was here, in August, sitting in a pew, I felt the great energy of this congregation. The people of FUUSB are full of life and enthusiasm for living the mission of this congregation in this community of Burlington. And the world has never needed this congregation to be strong more than it does now. To nurture a spiritual community where reason and spirit can come together in power in love of journey is a great honor.

Supporting sustainable staffing and facilities and structures is always a means to the more important purpose of helping to heal ourselves and a troubled world. Through music, worship, small groups, social justice curricula, we make our contribution to a better life on this planet. Now is the time to contribute as generously as you can because it matters to you. Now is the time to share your love.

Rev. Susan

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Now is the time to tell your story . . .

Now is the time for all of us to stretch. Next year we will begin a developmental ministry with just one minister. We are going to have to lean on each other, to step forward and to say yes. Please, join me in stretching beyond what you’ve done before, [do something that scares you a little,] and give as generously as you can for your circumstances.

                                                                      – Tracy, Board President


Every time I am in Burlington and see our meetinghouse at the head of Church Street, I am filled with gratitude to all the people who have gone before me and provided us with such a powerful symbol of love and the search for meaningful ways of being together as community. The history of this place is amazing in terms of the influence it has had upon building a better world.

                                                                      – Jeanne, Member