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This has been a year of many new and complicated changes for all of us – so 2021
is an excellent time to make stewardship at the First Unitarian Universalist Society
extra simple and straightforward!


As members of this congregation, we already know how our pledges of financial
support are essential: in maintaining programs and paying staff now, as well as
making plans (and a budget) for the year to come.


First UU members and friends have been amazingly faithful and generous
throughout the pandemic. Contributions overall have remained steady – due in
part to the Angel Fund, which allows some of us to give more when others of us
need to give less. The Angel Fund has been such a success we’ve decided to
continue it this year….. maybe forever!


Complete a Pledge Card


This is it – confirm your pledge for the 2021-2022 fiscal year by clicking on the
“Complete a Pledge Card” button above! Just fill out the form below, letting us
know if you will contribute the same amount you’re giving this year, or 3% more.
(If you can give even more than that or need to give less, just indicate a different
amount – and you can always change your pledge if you need to.) That’s it! We’ll
be back in touch this spring to confirm the amount of your pledge, and how you
plan to pay it.


In this spirit of simplicity, First UU pledges no longer come with an automatic
expiration date of one year. Once people commit to become members and make
a financial pledge, the understanding is that our commitments will be sustained
from year to year. The amount we pledge may go up or down, but our pledge to
support this congregation lasts as long as we do.


Thank you for being your wonderful selves – hopeful, engaged, committed to the
values and love that make our congregation strong.
In so much gratitude,


Your Stewardship Team


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