The Eclipse of the Sun is Coming!

Monday, April 8, 2024

2:14 PM EST – a partial solar eclipse begins

At 3:36 PM – a total eclipse will darken Vermont’s daytime sky for 3 minutes.


In April of 2024, many thousands of people from around the world are expected to gather in Burlington for this Celestial Event, connecting us with early humans who must have been awe-struck by an eclipse and wondered about its meaning.  And they did not have access to special safety glasses. But we will!

Our UU meetinghouse in Burlington will be uniquely located to create an event for the Burlington community, as well as scientists, astrological enthusiasts, and other visitors who want to come to Vermont for the 3 minutes of solar excitement known as totality.

At FUUSB, we are planning a fundraiser around this cosmic event and we need your help. The primary fundraiser will be offering homestays (we hope 30 or more households will participate) where UU members can donate a room, suite, or area in their homes for out-of-town guests. Homestays would be from 1 to 3 nights around the time of the eclipse (April 6, 7, & 8) with all proceeds going to FUUSB.


Reserve Your Homestay Now!


Will you host an eclipse enthusiast during this time?

We will be developing a database of available homestays. These will be listed on an online site for potential guests to view descriptions and images of donated homestay spaces, make reservations, and pay for their stay. As a homestay host, you won’t have to deal with money. FUUSB will take care of all that!  We plan to advertise the opportunity as widely as possible, using networks of FUUSB folx, UU contexts, and placing announcements/advertisements in public forums such as Front Porch, Burlington Facebook, Seven Days, Vermont Digger, national outlets, and science organizations which are dedicated to astronomical phenomena.


Click here for information on offering a homestay!      Complete this Form to Offer A Homestay!


Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Let’s rock the 2024 Eclipse!


Order Your Eclipse Shirt Now!
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