Homestay hosts come in all shapes & sizes. Maybe you have a guest bedroom. Maybe you have an in-law apartment. Maybe you have a second place in the area to offer. We are looking for:

• Households with a clean, uncluttered guest space, where someone could comfortably stay, ideally with access to privacy (think: a room with a door that closes rather than a couch-surfing situation)

• Willingness to share a bathroom (toilet, shower) facilities or dedicate a bathroom for the guest’s use during their stay

• Provide access to a breakfast meal (but not other meals) Eclipse homestay hosts are not expected to

  •  Create a description of homestay by yourself – we can help you create the perfect description
  •  Be an expert (or even knowledgeable) about the eclipse
  • Provide meals other than breakfast
  • Entertain or occupy their guests (unless you want to)
  • Be involved in the transaction of money

Please fill out the form to let us know more about the space you are offering, including photos which will be uploaded to our online site so potential guests can gain an understanding of what they are paying for. We will not be revealing specific addresses online; yet we will want to share generalities of the location of the homestay (town if outside of Burlington; neighborhood, if in). The sooner we can gather this information, the sooner we can begin to advertise this opportunity.  We will accept offers to be a homestay through February 28 but if you can complete this form by December 31, the sooner we can begin the next phase of this project: getting the word out.


Complete this Form to Offer A Homestay!