A Love Letter to those Considering a Gift to FUUSB

My Dearest Darlings,*  

Here, at the end of the annual stewardship campaign, I can’t stop thinking about you. For starters, it occurs to me that in the next year I will have been a First UU member for a decade. While this may make me a relative newcomer by Vermont standards, it is longer than I’ve known my wife, which seems like a pretty good measure of my intentions. 

When I joined the Board of Trustees last year, I was curious about getting to know you better, but also a little intimidated.  I haven’t always known how we felt about each other. After all, long-term commitments take care, leaning in, and figuring things out. There have been entire seasons when I hardly showed up at all. There have been times when I was able to give so little—financially or otherwise—but you keep the door open. 

First UU has shown itself to be a community that doesn’t shy away from much. Having sent three kids through OWL, I know that we can talk about literally anything. From the quiet mysteries of our unique inner spiritual spaces, to the most public conversations about racism, leadership in our country, and seeking more justice everywhere—First UU isn’t afraid to dive in.

In the last year, the pandemic has tried to come between us. But it is true what they say, absence does make the heart grow fonder. It surprises me how much I miss being together on Sundays and how I look forward to getting together again. I’m re-upping my pledge and giving a little more than I have in the past because I’m whole-heartedly here for all of it, and I’m so glad you are too. If you are able to give (or give more!), please do! This is an important way we can ensure that FUUSB will continue to be a welcoming home for all!

With love,


(*Salutation provided by a third grader who gave one of my kids a valentine many years ago, which has become our family’s preferred opener for all occasions of the heart. In the original letter writer’s case, this was followed immediately by “I love you more than my mom.”)

How to Donate

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington Legacy SocietyMake a Gift
Gifts to the First UU Society of Burlington are gratefully accepted at any time and are fully tax-deductible. This button may be used to give to several different funds, such as Socially Responsible Santa, Discretionary Fund, JUMP, etc.  You may also use this button to make a pledge payment and to give to Share the Plate.  The choice of funds available may change throughout the year to allow you to pay for specific events or to give to specific campaigns.  Click the button below to make a gift.

Make a Gift


Text Giving 
Text Steeple to 73256 to give using your text messaging. You may use this option to pay your pledge, make a gift, pay for an event, etc. Standard text message rates do apply.

Make a Pledge
You may support our Society by making an annual pledge.  A pledge is your promise to contribute a certain amount of money over the fiscal year. Our pledge year runs from July 1st to June 30th, but you may begin your pledge at any time. To make a pledge you must complete a pledge card.  Your pledge should be an amount that reflects your commitment to our Society and your values; it should be as generous as your circumstances allow, without causing you financial hardship.

You may pay your pledge by mailing us a check or dropping a check in the collection basket on Sunday morning, by setting up automatic payments taken directly out of your bank account or charged to your credit card, or by donating appreciated stock. If you would like more information about making a pledge, please email Christina at [email protected].

Set Up Automatic Payments Complete a Pledge Card


Donate Securities (Stocks)
Donations of stock allow a member to support causes important to them without affecting personal cash flow. Generally speaking, the most tax-advantaged approach is to donate stock held for more than one year that has appreciated in value. This provides for a larger charitable contribution and avoids tax on the capital gain. For losing stock, sell it first and then donate the cash. Individuals considering it should consult with their tax or financial advisor.

Click here for information on how to donate securities


Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA
Making a direct transfer from an IRA allows a member age 70½ or over to avoid a tax hit on the annual required minimum distribution. In this case, the charitable contribution must go directly to the Society, not the taxpayer first. This option requires some advance planning, so individuals considering it should consult with their tax or financial advisor.


Share the Plate
Every Sunday we donate half of our cash collection to non-profit agencies. Over the years our congregation has contributed generously to many very worthwhile organizations. Each Sunday, during the service, we will announce which organization will be receiving half of our collection.  Share the Plate contributions may also be set up as an automatic gift using your credit/debit card or having the funds transferred directly from your bank account to the Society.

Set Up Automatic Payments


Helping Our Community
We also have other ways in which we offer our community financial assistance.  Read more about this on our Helping Our Community page of the website.