Speaker: Rev. Patricia Hart

“Declarations of Faith”

Words matter. The text of the 1776 Declaration of Independence did more than inform the English government that 13 “American” colonies had had enough – it also gave future American generations a set of values to live up to. #Black Lives Matter was first seen … read more.


It is the time of Summer Solstice, when our days in the Northern Hemisphere are the longest of the year, and the Earth seems alive with new life and new possibilities. How shall we celebrate, in this year of change and challenge?

Join us for worship … read more.

“Joy and Beauty, Even Now!”

The much-loved tradition of “Flower Communion” comes to us from the Unitarian congregation in Prague, whose minister and members created this ritual to remember the beauty that lives in every community, and every time.  Even when life is hard, and the future uncertain.  … read more.

“Warrior Stories”

We will celebrate Memorial Day through stories of some who fought and died in battle (and those who loved them), and stories of some who brought artistry and faith to the essential work of remembering the wars that have defined us, and the warriors who … read more.

“Changing Stories”

It seems, sometimes, that we’re living in a threshold time in our country’s history – or maybe even in the world. So much has happened and is happening still… so many important stories are unfolding. We all have roles to play, whether we feel ready … read more.

“Beyond These Walls”

Much has changed in this past year: assumptions about what’s “normal;” people’s ways of interacting; measures of success; expectations about… well, almost everything! Including how religious communities show up in the world. For more than 200 years, this Society has been synonymous with its Meeting … read more.

“Resurrection. Confusion. Hope”

However you connect to the theology of Easter (or don’t), there’s something in the Easter story for everyone. Death and life; winter and spring; betrayal and hope; confusion and faith. All of it especially fitting this year. Come join in our Easter celebration … read more.

“Living in the Middle”

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. It is hard to do this well in any year given the diversity of women’s lives. Now, in this confusing time, we are called to remember and respond to the real catastrophes so many women face. Sometimes, poets can help us … read more.