Speaker: Rev. Peter Newport

“Joy: Always, Already and Not Yet”

Increasingly, Christmas seems like a holiday with not much to celebrate, stuck between Black Friday and New Year’s. This Sunday, amid the year’s grief and uncertainty, we will preach about Joy. What is Joy, anyway? How might we enjoy this pinnacle of human experience from … read more.

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round”

The Exodus narrative presents many challenges to modern understanding, especially for us liberals, steeped as we are in the “historical critical method” of biblical interpretation. So, as Channing recommends, let’s “taste and see” what might resonate for contemporary Unitarian Universalists facing the challenges of our … read more.

“It Is What It Is”

If Wisdom is somehow distilled from experience, what Wisdom can we bring to the climate crisis, as a species, when we have few relevant experiences to rely on? This morning, we’re going to recall trees we love or lost, tell a few jokes, and think … read more.


Leonard Cohen wrote somewhere that a huge chunk of life is “full of dulling and forgetting. …[W]e lose the gift of speech with animals, … birds no longer visit our windowsills to converse.”

Let this holiday season encourage us to explore how human experiences of awe … read more.