Speaker: Rev. Mara Dowdall

Celebrating Our Shared Ministry

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate our past five years of shared ministry and bid farewell to Rev. Mara. Following the service, join us outdoors for a celebratory picnic!

“Our Power to Bless”

As we begin June, with the spiritual theme of “blessing,” Rev. Mara will help us explore what it actually means “to bless,” and how we each can access the power of blessing one another. Our service will also include a child dedication and celebration of … read more.

“The Heart of a Minister”

As Rev. Mara’s June departure begins to draw near, she’ll reflect with us about the nature of ministry and what it means to bid farewell to a congregation you have served and loved. Mara will explore with us some of the practicalities of ministerial goodbyes … read more.

“Dayenu Redux”

As the Jewish observance of Passover comes to a close, we’ll explore the messages of this sacred festival which commemorates the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt millenia ago. Rev. Mara will revisit with us a sermon she preached a few years … read more.

“Stewardship Sunday”

As we kick off our annual stewardship season, we’ll reflect on the meaning and value our faith community plays in our lives, and how we in turn can help it thrive.

Taking the World in Our Arms

This Sunday, we’ll get back to spiritual basics: How do we live the best life we can in the time that we have? Our portal to this question will be this month’s spiritual theme – balance, but we will enter in a slightly contrarian spirit, inspired by … read more.

Question Box Sunday

Our UU faith places a premium on the spiritual value of asking questions. We often say that, when it comes to the deepest issues in life, we have more questions than we do answers. This Sunday, as a celebration of our UU quest for truth and … read more.

“Love, Love, Love”

On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we’ll lift up and celebrate one of our four core First UU values: Love. Through powerful readings and song, we’ll explore the different ways and kinds of relationships through which love shows up in our world.

“We Need One Another” 

This Sunday, we’ll begin our exploration of “perseverance.” We often think of perseverance as an individual quality or virtue. But our ability to survive, thrive and stay the course is deeply connected to our interdependence with one another. We’ll explore how we can help one … read more.