Speaker: Rev. David Ruffin

“Widening the Circle…From Within”

As I write, it’s 41 degrees, the sun is pouring in my window, and we’ve now seen over two weeks of decline in Covid infections. This day of welcome thaw is falling on “Imbolc,” marking the turning toward Spring in Irish Celtic tradition, halfway from … read more.

“The Soul Beneath Our Whiteness”

As a white male descendant of slave holders, I want to share with you about my experience of working to unravel my internalized white supremacy. Speaking to other white travelers who feel called to this journey, I want to ask, what if this very terrain, … read more.

“Trusting Our Joy”

When I was growing up, “integrity” meant doing what was right and being a good person. That, in turn, meant a whole host of “shoulds” and “should nots,” which could sometimes make integrity feel pretty heavy. This heaviness could inspire a certain spiritual discipline, making … read more.