Speaker: Rev. Jennifer Pader

“Dog Spelled Backwards”

Fifty years after landing on the moon and 30 years after the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, do we still believe that we are alone? Is there a force greater than us? We are called to examine what constitutes spiritual “faith” — and what that term may encompass for contemporary Unitarian Universalists. Rev. Jennifer … Continue reading “Dog Spelled Backwards”

“Mom Always Liked You Best”

What does it mean to be a brother, sister, step-sibling, half-sibling or adopted sibling? What are the spiritual, ethical, familial, and (sometimes) economic obligations this role can impose upon us as UUs? For better or worse, our lives are intertwined (sometimes invisibly) with those of our siblings. Our guest preacher, Rev. Jennifer Pader, M.Div., STM, … Continue reading “Mom Always Liked You Best”