The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith

In our commitment to embracing the presence and leadership of people of color, white Unitarian Universalists are still learning to decenter our whiteness so that people of color are brought from the margins to the center. Join us as we practice that work and promise a new way of being together. Our worship service on February 25 will center around the voices and experiences of Unitarian Universalists of color. What might these voices teach us to be better allies, better siblings in faith, and even better citizens in our community? This worship service was produced by members of our Racial Justice Task Force and our ministerial intern.

Our offering during the service will be shared with Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (or BLUU), a national ministry for and by black-identified Unitarian Universalists. BLUU embodies a liberating community of all ages. A community that lifts up the lives, and stories and the leadership of those who have been marginalized and silenced. A community that brings hope, when hope is hard to find. And a community that calls us to wrestle with the gap between our theology and our practice in the world.

If we believe that our faith must become radically inclusive, justice centered, multiracial and multigenerational, then there is no better way to advance that vision than through our support of BLUU. The power and promise of Unitarian Universalism is waking up to meet fear and hate with radical imagination, transformative partnership, resilience, and joy. We make this possible through our commitment and generosity. Please come to the service prepared to offer your financial support for BLUU as part of our offering.