Outdoor Worship Service: “Woyaya and the Little Engine That Could”

Rev. Peter Newport, with Rev. Tricia Hart

Bike riding quickly brings one into intimate contact with topography. It seems like everything is uphill. Even our driveway sports an alpine tilt. Subtle shifts of grade, up or down, become readily apparent on a bike that automobiling just glosses over. No place is really flat. Roads edge the valleys to avoid peaks and bottomland alike. Sometimes you really can’t “get there from here.”

This morning we consider the Upward Trail as a metaphor for spiritual progress. It’s always uphill. They don’t call it backsliding for nothing. Even the flight of steps leading into our Meeting House is an architectural metaphor lifting us to an elevated plane. Now we also have a beautiful new ramp, though that just makes the path longer.

Often thought of as a solitary activity, how might we prepare to do spiritual practice in community? Some thoughts about how we might need to get together.

On August 15, the service will be held outdoors at the First UU Society. Outdoor services will continue through August 22. Live-streamed services begin weekly on August 29. Check the eNews and website for more information.