“Let Yourself Be: Healing from Hierarchy”

Worship Leader: Rev. David Ruffin, Worship Associate: Jon Sallée

“Suppose there was a book full of only the word,
let – …from whose clipped sound all things begin: fir
and firmament, feather, the first whale – and suppose
we could scroll through its pages every day
to find and pronounce a Let meant only for us –”
– Kei Miller

In his poem, “Book of Genesis,” Kei Miller gifts us a “suppose…” that maybe, just maybe, could change everything.

In these enormously challenging times, I want to suppose with you, that it has never been more important to convey this healing message, that we long to share with the world, to ourselves. We are each here to be ourselves – with all of the self-perceived inadequacies, the painful feelings, the too-often hidden creativity and quirkiness, the great light and the shadow, all. Embracing this is perhaps the greatest invitation our tradition offers. This world of rampant “isms” that ranks our bodies, skin color, jobs, paychecks, genders, sexualites, abilities and, yes, our feelings, too, on a hierarchy that no one wins, needs this original blessing, dearly. To give it, we must receive it. To receive it, is to just be the gift we each are.

We’ll gather Sunday in thanks for this blessing, receive and share it, anew, and keep healing together.


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