“A Rock in Turbulent Times”

In these times, activism is insufficient. To strike at the roots of the multiplying crises we face, we must stand on firm ground, on unshakable bedrock. But where do we find this bedrock in a society whose economic system and political institutions are little more than quicksand? How can faith orient us in this ever-changing world, prepared to act?

Jay O’Hara is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). He travels in the ministry among New England Friends under a letter from Sandwich Monthly Meeting on Cape Cod, working to nurture Friends’ faithfulness. This ministry has grown in creative relationship with taking nonviolent direct action on climate change. He co-founded the Climate Disobedience Center following a blockade of 40,000 tons of coal with a little white lobster boat in Massachusetts. In 2016 he helped to shut down the five pipelines which carry Canadian tar sands crude oil into the U.S.