Ministerial Search Team – Photos & Bios

Update:  February 2, 2023

Your Search Team has been busy the last week, planning in-person interviews called “pre-candidate weekends.” The easy part is making hotel and meal reservations and deciding who will drive to the “neutral pulpit” congregations where we will see the “pre-candidates” preach.

More involved is planning the interview process. We have a 3-hour interview session that we must use efficiently, to get to know the pre-candidate and get a picture of how they would fit the needs of this congregation. We have gone back to the notes we took at our listening sessions and the survey results as we prepare the list of questions. And of course they will have questions for us.

With this interview and some unstructured time at meals and in the car to the neutral pulpits, we hope to get a full picture of the candidates.  Of course, we will also continue sharing a full story of our congregation and of Burlington, including a tour of the Meeting House and grounds, and showing them around town.  Email us with your questions at [email protected]org, or look for our blue name-tags at coffee hour.

Update:  January 19, 2023

As of Tuesday noon, we have interviewed six of our candidates. WOW! We want ’em all, but unfortunately, we have to leave some for the other congregations that are in search.

We will do more interviews in the next day or so, and also some preliminary reference checks.

Then we have to narrow the field down to three candidates by next Monday the 23rd – not much time. Since it looks like it will be a hard decision, we have scheduled every moment that all seven of us are available before then to meet for discernment. We will be busy, but good busy.

Update:  January 5, 2023

We are happy to announce that twenty-one UU ministers have expressed interest in First UU Society of Burlington so far! Your Search Team is reading their applications carefully and enjoying their wide variety of experiences, skills, and interests. 

At our meeting Monday night, we discussed our first reactions and how we would move from initial impressions to decisions about whom to interview. Each team member has their own process, and it will take some work to integrate them. As you may imagine, we will be spending quite a lot of time together in the next few weeks.

At this stage, candidates’ names and identities are not public, and therefore we must maintain strict confidentiality. Thank you for understanding and honoring this requirement.


All questions for the Ministerial Search Team can be emailed to:  [email protected].