Open House Funday Sunday for Children & Families

Date(s) - 03/20/22
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Lucille, a 6-year-old, was one of the small group who attended the service a couple of weeks ago. She made good use of the fidget materials throughout and when it was over she turned to her parents and said, “Okay, now I want to go to the spaces here that are for me!”

This Sunday, we invite the children of our congregation to come get reacquainted with, or visit for the first time ever, the spaces here that are “for them.” We’ll open up the Nursery, the Library, the Spirit Play Classrooms, and the Community Room, with toys, games, craft materials, puzzles, and even ping pong at the ready.

Families are invited to circle up at 10 a.m., light a chalice together, share introductions, joys, and sorrows, and then head off to explore. We’ll reconvene for a closing song just before 11, and those who want to can join the coffee hour which will be served above either in the front vestibule or outside, depending on weather.

Everyone attending in-person events right now should be as vaccinated as possible, but we do expect to see some of our friends who are under 5. We’ll be masking throughout and the ventilation system in these downstairs rooms is robust. We ask that if you have been recently exposed to Covid-19 or are experiencing any symptoms, you stay home. Snacks will only be served at coffee hour. Our Covid protocols limit us to 30 people total in all of the downstairs spaces combined; in the unexpected, but happy, event that we exceed this number we’ll have to split up and carry some favorite items to the top floor of the Meeting House where we can accommodate 20 more!

This is an event for children accompanied by a parent or caregiver. If you are looking forward to dropping kids off while attending a service, stay tuned – that’s next!