Andre Mol

Service of Remembrance

Join us for our annual Memorial Day weekend service of remembrance. We will create a communal space to recognize those we have lost. There will be time in the service to light a candle and share the name of someone you wish to remember.

Note: Sunday, … read more.

“Love and Restoration”

If we are paying close attention to the latest insights of climate science, we have a lot to fear about our future as human beings, the future of this planet, and the future of all life that shares this precious and beautiful home with us. … read more.

“Time of Compassion”

Life from our first breath to our last is measured by a finite amount of time. Some of us are blessed with more than others but we never quite know how much. We say life is a gift. Yet we continue to demand time from … read more.

“Journey with Intention”

Intention is not a destination. It is a way of being. If we follow its guidance we will find ourselves in unfamiliar but transformative situations. We’ll explore a pivotal story from early Universalism and what it might teach us about change, luck, intention, and the … read more.