Speaker: Rev. Susan Milnor

“Her One Wild and Precious Life”

With the recent death of poet Mary Oliver, whose work touched deep veins among Unitarian Universalists, mid-winter is the perfect time to stop and appreciate the grace offered in her poetry. Running throughout it is a deep trust of the universe and a profound acceptance … read more.


Hafiz wrote, “Out/of a great need/We are all holding hands/and climbing…” We think and speak often about trusting people in relationships, workplaces, and communities. But we speak less often about what we entrust to them. What happens when you put your life in the hands … read more.

“The Roll of Justice”

We are sorry to announce that services for Sunday, January 20th have been cancelled due to inclement weather.

This weekend is the time the nation honors the birth and, of course, the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. It’s important to reflect on what honoring the … read more.

“Being Possible”

Much of what is possible – as individuals or in relationships and communities – is possible because of appreciation. How does appreciation change our lives, and is it more than just saying thank you? To me, appreciation is one of the most important spiritual disciplines.

“Questioning God”

Traditional understandings of the divine often leave us unmoved and spiritually wanting. Can we hold a sense of divinity that makes room for Mystery and acknowledges the sacred while allowing us room to breathe and think? Why do some people, even among Unitarian Universalists, need … read more.

“Imperfect and Beloved”

During a time of transition, people often realize how they would like their religious community to do better. But it is also a time when the particular spirit of a community emerges and strengthens its people. There is grace in realizing, as Laila Ibrahim writes, … read more.

“Their Memories Keep”

Nearly all of us “keep” memories of people who shaped and influenced us deeply. Here in the turning of the seasons, as we ready ourselves to move into the reflective time of winter, it’s good to remember those people we carry with us … read more.

“Time of Reckoning”

This month’s Soul Matters theme of Memory is poignantly relevant to the moment. If ever we were called to remember, it is now. And, yes, one thing we must remember is to live by love. But what does that mean in such a time as … read more.