Sunday Morning Breakfast – Sign Up to Bring Food

The Meeting House Grounds Group (part of the Radical Welcoming Team) heard about a need for Sunday mornings when the Food Pantry is not open and other places are not serving breakfast. We researched and visited other food distribution programs and decided to start feeding the community from 8-9 a.m. on the front path of FUUSB.


There is now a link for you to participate. You can do things as simple as bring 2-dozen hard boiled eggs, 35 bananas, or 20 sandwiches. You can step it up a bit and pick up leftovers from Panera on Saturday night OR you could sign up to coordinate one of the Sundays. One of our members has been helping our Facilities staff to go around the grounds and pick up trash and needles every Sunday morning. This is a job you can sign up for with a tiny bit of training.


There are lots of opportunities to get involved!
Please sign up here: