“Say What?!?: The Spiritual Importance of Words”

Alex Kapitan- Guest Speaker
Mary Beth McNulty- Worship Associate

For thousands of years, spiritual traditions around the world have taught the importance of using words with care. Language can divide, destroy, and oppress—or unite, nourish, and liberate. How are we as UUs called to use our words? What does it look like to put love at the center of what we say and write?

Zr. Alex Kapitan is a lay community minister, educator, editor, consultant, and activist. A trans and queer lifelong Unitarian Universalist, Alex does interfaith LGBTQ work and supports congregations in becoming places of radical welcome for all. Ze is the co-founder of the Transforming Hearts Collective, the co-leader of the program Trans Inclusion in Congregations, and the founder of Radical Copyeditor, an anti-oppressive language project.

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