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“Preparing in the Dark”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Melinda Lee

Advent, in the Christian tradition, takes place during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. (We all know about Advent calendars, right?) But the spiritual message of Advent is that sometimes our work is to wait, expectantly. Wait … read more.

“Sophia’s Guest”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Erika Reif & Betsy Ferries

A multigenerational celebration of welcome and generous community. Come be a part of a story that reminds us once more that when we share our abundance we are richer for it!

We hope many of you will join the service – … read more.

“Why We Are Not a Peace Church”

Rev. Peter Newport and Jon Sallée

This Sunday Jon Salleé and the Reverend Peter Newport will explore how they came to different approaches to military service. Inspired by the peacemaking efforts of Soldiers and Servicemembers, Jon is an FUUSB member and Buddhist working to … read more.

“Democracy and Faith”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Judy Brook

Our Unitarian Universalist principles come right out and say it: “the right of conscience and the use of democratic process” matters to us, religiously. What role has democracy played in our UU tradition and values?  How does it … read more.

“All Our Saints”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with David Ruffin

Who are your ancestors? When we’re lucky (and paying attention), there are people whose wisdom is a guide to rely on while they are alive… and even beyond. We are the ones who tell their stories.

The … read more.

“Getting It (Not Quite) Right”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Brenda Balon

Most of us try hard to do the right things, as well as we can. It’s hard knowing we fall short, sometimes; problems remain unresolved, opportunities missed, and other people get disappointed, even hurt. How does Courage show up when … read more.

“Scared and Brave at the Same Time”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Betsy Ferries & Judy Brook

Contemporary writer Brené Brown says that courage always comes through vulnerability. Fear is an inevitable part of life, and can be crippling – but facing, incorporating, even befriending our fears can be the way through, … read more.

“Who Are We Now?”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with the Ministerial Search Team
Special music with David Ruffin, and others…

Come meet the seven members of FUUSB’s Ministerial Search Team! They have been hard at work for many weeks already – making plans; communicating with the UUA, our Board, staff, many members; and … read more.