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“Pancakes & Process Theology”

Rev. Elizabeth Stevens, Guest Minister Warren Baker- Worship Associate Rev. Dr. Stevens will introduce us to Process Theology, a metaphysical and philosophical framework inspired by quantum physics.  She will also sing camp songs and offer tips on getting adolescents out of bed…and on creating the world we are longing for. Elizabeth Stevens has been a … Continue reading “Pancakes & Process Theology”

“Making Room for Enchantment”

Geoff Duke- Guest Speaker Mary Beth McNulty- Worship Associate Unitarian Universalists celebrate diversity in experience and theology, and covenant to learn from each other in our free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We UUs also value science and reason, which may seem at odds with ideas like enchantment and mystery. Yet encounters with … Continue reading “Making Room for Enchantment”

“Perennial Hope”

Rev. Ariel Aaronson-Eves- Guest Minister Warren Baker- Worship Associate Some things in our lives are perennial, constants year after year. Others are more like annual plants, blooming brightly in one season but not lasting. This sermon will explore the inspiration we can glean from the reproductive strategies of different plants, as well as from the … Continue reading “Perennial Hope”

“The Bible in America”

Jeff Trumbower – Guest Speaker Judy Brook – Worship Associate For this service just after the Fourth of July, we’ll be exploring together the complexities of religion in our country, and particularly the role the Bible has played in shaping who we are as a nation. From the Pilgrims, to enslaved peoples, to civil rights … Continue reading “The Bible in America”