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“Beloved Community”

Zoe Hart, Nancy Hellen, Sal Millichamp, Martha Molpus, & Peggy Owen Sands

Join us for worship in person in the Sanctuary, or online. Find the livestream link and order of service on the Livestreamed Worship page, or go to our … read more.

“The Meaning of Happiness!”

David Ruffin and the FUUSB Youth Group

Join us for our annual “YUUth Sunday” where the FUUSB Youth Group leads the Sunday Service. After spending the night in the Meeting House for their first “Lock-In” since before the pandemic, the Youth will awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, … read more.

“What Might the Future Be?”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Melinda Lee

What does the future hold for this First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington? None of us can know for sure… but often the best way to predict what’s coming next is to notice where energy is showing up now. Imagining … read more.

“Sharing a Land Acknowledgement Is a Start”

Geoff Duke, Woody Fulton, Mary Beth McNulty, with Rev. Patricia Hart

Every week in the worship service, we acknowledge that this land on which we live and work and worship does not “belong” to us. It is more truthful to say that we share stewardship of this … read more.

“The Power of Women”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Judy Brook

Women have held significant influence in religious life in the United States from the very earliest days of European settlement. The power of women in congregations wasn’t always visible, however – at least not until recent decades. How did women shape Unitarian … read more.

“Works of Love”

Rev. Peter Newport, Guest Minister

As Unitarian Universalists, we describe ourselves sometimes as members of a “covenantal religion.” What does that mean? We also seem to like the idea of “Beloved Community.” Where did that idea come from?

This week, wrapping up this month’s theme, Geoff Duke, … read more.

“What the World Needs Now…”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Brenda Balon, Judy Brook, & Warren Baker

Love is definitely what the world needs – in these times, and every time. It’s a lovely idea to set to music, and often very hard to accomplish in our lives and communities. Come hear … read more.

“What’s Money Got to Do With It?”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Judy Brook

It would seem that Love and Money are quite different themes, bringing very different kinds of energy. And yet… shouldn’t whatever we love guide us in choosing how we spend our money? As we get ready for this year’s financial stewardship drive, … read more.

“Lessons from History”

Rev. Patricia Hart, with Melinda Lee

In the years leading up to the Civil War, this Society’s Minister made no secret of his commitment to the abolition of slavery. Rev. Joshua Young even supported the efforts of John Brown to foment a slave revolt, and showed … read more.