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“Music Sunday”

James Stewart, Director of Music; Warren Baker, Worship Associate

Join us for worship at 10 a.m. in person in the Sanctuary, or online. Find the livestream link and order of service on the Live-Streamed Worship page, or go to our … read more.

“Our Potential, Only Together: A Mighty Oak Home”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Melinda Lee, Worship Associate

Whether this congregation has ever been a tiny acorn could be up for debate. Yet, we are always in the process of touching and tapping our potential – of ever becoming a mighty oak! And not … read more.

“Making a Home: Reflections on Vermont Thus Far”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Betsy Ferries, Worship Associate

With the quintessential-Vermont Town Meeting Day nearly upon us, we’ll hear some literary perspectives on Vermont, as well some reflections from relative newcomer, Rev. Karen. Agree or disagree with her; laugh or cry. Hone your own … read more.

“A Stacked Perspective: Unpacking the Boxes of Justice”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Mary Beth McNulty, Worship Associate

What does it mean, as Unitarian Universalists, to have values of Justice & Equity (our Soul Matters theme for the month)? What is the difference between “equity” and “equality” in our day to day lives? … read more.

“Forget Your Perfect Offering”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Warren Baker, Worship Associate

Creating more than the sum of our parts means to come as we are, perfect in our imperfection. It means to come with the means we have, knowing that we cannot control the outcome, but must … read more.

“Glorious & Enough”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Judy Brook, Worship Associate

In a world that plies us with lies about perfection and nefarious whispers that we can never be enough, let us proclaim that we are not only enough, but are glorious! Let us do so for … read more.

“Voices from Ukraine”

Kathy Bielawa Stamper, Guest Worship Leader; Melinda Lee, Worship Associate

“Voices from Ukraine – VT: Are We Still Listening?”

What lessons can we learn from Ukrainians displaced by Putin’s war and those remaining in-country to serve Internally Displaced … read more.

“Best of Intentions”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Geoff Duke, Worship Associate

Living into the 8th Principle’s commitment to dismantle systemic oppressions within ourselves and our institutions, it is important for us to recognize that “good intentions” are not enough. Dr. King articulated this when he noted that … read more.

“A Community of Solidarity”

Rev. Erica Baron, Guest Minister; Warren Baker, Worship Associate

Based in Paula Cole Jones’ work on the congregation as a community of communities, we will explore inclusivity through solidarity between the many different small communities that make up the large community, and that connect us to … read more.