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“N. F. Čapek, Murdered for His Faith”

Rev. Petr Samojský, Guest Minister, with Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister

Norbert Fabian Čapek was the founder of the Czech Unitarian Association and the Flower Communion. His life and ministry offer great inspiration to us. Basic characteristics of Čapek’s theology will be explained. He was … read more.

“A Thousand Beautiful Things”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Mary Beth McNulty, Worship Associate

In the beginning of a new shared ministry, nearly everything is shiny and beautiful. Over time, a more balanced perspective will emerge, with both shine and tarnish revealing themselves. This service will celebrate perceiving the … read more.

Water Ingathering & Pride Celebration

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Warren Baker, Worship Associate

Come home for the first time! Come home again! Join us as we celebrate the start of a new congregational year with our annual ritual to bring our collective waters into one offering. You are invited … read more.

“The Joy of Stepping on Eggshells”

Rev. Erin Gingrich, Guest Minister; Melinda Lee, Worship Associate

Rev. Erin returns to FUUSB to share a timely fable from Rabbi Ed Friedman about relationships, nerves, and insensitivity training. Can that be true, insensitivity training? Yes! Sometimes we are soooo very nice to others that we make ourselves … read more.

“Closer to Fine”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Mary Beth McNulty, Worship Associate

There is a blockbuster movie that many are seeing, dressing up for, and finding surprisingly fun, provocative, and even moving. Yes, using Barbie The Movie (co-created by Greta Gerwig, who was raised UU) as our … read more.

“Love at the Center of All”

Rev. Karen G. Johnston, Senior Minister; Geoff Duke, Worship Associate

A report on the happenings of General Assembly, where thousands of UUs gathered in Pittsburgh at the end of June. What deep changes are afoot in our faith movement? What lies ahead when it comes … read more.

Music & Poetry Service

Judy Brook & Melinda Lee, Worship Leaders, with Warren Baker, Worship Associate

Join us at 10 a.m. on August 13 in the dappled shade under the sheltering maples and elms in our front yard at the top of Church Street for this special annual service of … read more.