Announcing the return of the service auction, now called the
FUUSB Together Autumn Auction. 
The auction this year will be focused on building connections in the FUUSB community.  We are looking for donations of events, services, lessons, and activities.  These could range from the ever popular dinner parties, to other gatherings that bring UUs together like game nights and sledding parties.   Also popular are lessons (piano, skiing, kayaking, needlepoint etc.), lawn mowing, dog sitting, knife sharpening, special order cakes and anything else you’re good at that other people might not even know you do.  We are encouraging any donations of physical items like art and gifts wait until the Holiday Bazaar in December.
The Auction will be held in November.  
Donations can be made with the donation form available on Sundays or online at
A catalog of items available for auction will be published on November 10
Bid sheets will be posted in the Parlors on November 17
All bidding will close on the 17th at 11:30.
FREE Soup Luncheon served in the Community Room on November 17th
We encourage all participants to gather downstairs on the 17th for FREE soup and snacks provided by the 6th grade Boston trip.  We will tally the winners of each auction item on the 17th so you will know what you’ve won when you’re done with your soup.  We will also collect payment for the auction items on the 17th (cash, check, or credit card).
If you have questions, please contact
or any member of the board.