While we continue a protocol of masks and safe social distancing, we are called to stay connected to our families and youth, more than ever.  For the time being, we are only able to meet online, though we hope that as weather permits in the spring and regulations may relax, we will be able to pivot to some outdoor safe gatherings in small groups, as we did this past fall.  We invite your suggestions and ideas about how we can best serve families at this time.  Please feel free to contact Erika Reif Meanwhile, what follows is a sampler of activities thus far.  We hope you will join us in the months ahead!

Families With Children

At this time, we have a general registration form for children.  This affords us necessary contact information and details to include your child in age appropriate invitations as our programming evolves.  Please click here to register. Faith Development Registration

Reflections for All Ages

For most services, we offer a narrated story for our families and youngest congregants that echoes the service themes; on topics as wide ranging as BIPOC voices, social justice, UU principles, and environmentalism.  These stories have proven popular with all ages. At the request of  congregants, please find a complete listing of books in case you’d like to borrow one from your library, purchase for home use or as a gift. Follow this link to the listings page where you can access our you tube site to experience the stories, on demand.. Video and Parent Resources

Zoom Family Chapel

A 30 minute monthly online chapel before the worship service, usually the first Sunday of the month from 9:30-10:00 a.m.  All are invited to attend and meet new friends and see old faces while engaging in activities and reflections on the monthly theme. Geared towards children and families. Parents/caregivers are welcome to participate or not, but should be nearby if younger ones need help.  Online Zoom Chapel

Story Paths

Beginning in the Spring 2020, we welcomed the public and our own members to roam our grounds and view a series of installations in words and pictures. The thematic focus was racial justice and faith, in rotation until the final weeks of warm weather, This is something we plan to continue on our grounds to welcome spring 2021, as weather permits. For a complete listing of the visually arresting books we have exhibited to date, follow this link.  Video and Parent Resources

Faith – To Go

In an effort to maintain the connections in faith development and service, we have done occasional deliveries of craft projects, seasonal celebration items and creations that more mobile members of our community have made for those more isolated and home bound in these times.


Middle School Games

We have had vibrant gatherings of 5th through 8th graders who come together for an hour of online games.  Games have included “Guess the Pixalating Picture”, “Trivia”, “Family Feud” to the most popular recent addition, “Where’s Bernie”?  This is a late afternoon hour dedicated to coming together with a chance to connect with old and new friends..

Yuuth Group

Our UU high school aged youth hold weekly virtual meetings on Sunday afternoons to make connections, consider big questions, engage in creative activities and do service in the congregation and community.  Click this link to join. youthgroup@uusociety.org

All Generation Events

Solstice Garden

Unable to gather in person this past holiday season, families and individuals were invited to create unique ice lanterns and luminaries.  These pieces were installed on the meeting house grounds and illuminated for a safe distance ambling as the snow fell on Solstice Eve.

Fall Festival

An outdoor festival of games and a service project hosted by our YUUTH group.  Pumpkins were hand painted and delivered to our most isolated community members.  A fall offering to brighten their day!

Trivia or Game Nights

A multigenerational gathering for all ages.  This is a great way to get to know folks across the congregation and have some fun.  Come for a little bit or the whole time and enjoy a wide range of age appropriate online games from the “zoom” repertoire!