The Healthy Congregation Team (HCT)
We offer trainings and practice sessions to help you learn conflict resolution and healthy communication skills. We also facilitate these conflict resolution and communication methods. We help you communicate and be heard when challenging issues arise in your team or within our congregation.

Deep Listening Circles
A Deep Listening Circle is a facilitated gathering about a specific topic. Participants speak authentically from their own experience and listen deeply to others as they share their experience. The opportunity to speak is passed around the circle as many times as needed, until everyone has said all they needed to say. There is no cross talk or discussion.

The Restorative Circles process is a way for people in conflict to re-establish their relationships to each other and their community. It is safe, structured, inclusive, transparent, and includes facilitated gatherings.

In a Restorative Circle, we seek to restore broken or strained covenantal relationships between members, friends, and staff of FUUSB. We do not seek to establish blame or force people to participate. Everyone in the circle participates in reflective listening and responds to questions designed specifically to resolve conflict.

Practice Sessions
We offer short Deep Listening Practice Sessions and we also aim to offer Non-Violent Communication Practice Sessions so the congregation can practice this communication and conflict resolution skill.

Contact the chair of the Healthy Congregation Team (HCT) for more information or to request a circle. Anyone can request a Deep Listening Circle or a Restorative Circle. You do not need any special skills or knowledge to participate. Please contact the chair for more information about practice sessions.

Noah Patullo
Nancy Hellen