“White supremacy is a system you have been born into.  Whether or not you have known it, it is a system that has granted you unearned privileges, protection and power.  What you receive for your whiteness comes at a steep cost for those who are not white.” says Layla Saad.

The Racial Justice Team is organizing groups of 4-7 participants to follow the work of Layla Saad in her book, Me and White Supremacy. This is an opportunity for those of us in this congregation who have white privilege to deepen our understanding of systemic racism and avoid some of the common pitfalls that can cause harm to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned ally/accomplice for racial justice, the work in this book will not only compel you to act, but will help to illuminate your path forward in that action.

The tasks are simple.  You commit to come to every meeting you can and to be actively present in this work.  You read the chapters that your group has agreed upon and write reflections in response to the prompts in the book.  Your group will meet virtually once or twice a week to provide each other accountability and community as you deepen your understanding of your own white supremacy and how you all must change your own behavior to dismantle it.  The meeting process used will be The Circle Way. The Circle Way is a shared leadership framework for deep conversation, so you and your group members will receive support from the Racial Justice Team as you rotate roles throughout your time together.

The tasks may be simple, but the work is hard. As Layla Saad describes it, you endeavor to “create a deep shift in consciousness and action within you to help create a world without white supremacy.” She  also says, “You will need three things for his work: your truth, your love, your commitment.”

Register to be placed in a Me & White Supremacy circle group, or to let us know you’re doing the work on your own!