In addition to our regular Sunday services, we provide additional ways to stay in touch with FUUSB!

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“FUUSB eNews” – Our weekly eNews features the very latest congregational news: Read the latest issue of the eNews

“We Are Going” – Our Family Faith Development newsletter: Read the latest issue of We Are Going

“Minister’s Monthly Update” – News from our Developmental Senior Minister, Rev. Tricia Hart: Enjoy the latest Monthly Update

“The Steeple” – Our quarterly congregational newsletter: Read the latest issue of The Steeple

“The Path” – Our monthly spiritual theme newsletter: To access The Path, please sign up for our mailing list here.

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In addition, we have archives of books that our library has cultivated in conjunction with our monthly spiritual theme.

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How to Get the Word Out


The eNews is a weekly publication containing short articles, flyers or links to longer articles. The eNews contains only items directly related to Society sponsored events or organizations with which we have a formal relationship. You may submit pictures to be published with your article.

The deadline for submitting items to the eNews is every Monday at noon. You may submit items by sending them to Any deviation from the schedule will be announced well in advance.

The Steeple

Our congregational newsletter is published four times per year, and contains articles 200-400 words in length. The Steeple’s goal is to look at our Society from a “big picture” perspective and to offer insight into our goals and mission. Our newsletter is not a place to notify people of upcoming events, and will not contain a calendar.

2021 Steeple newsletter deadlines: January 25, March 29, August 23, and October 25 (published in February, April, September, and November). To submit an article for the Steeple, please email


The Society has a Facebook private group page at First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington. If you have a Facebook account please find us and request to join this group. This is the place for members to share anything that’s on their minds, get the word out about community events (even those not directly sponsored by the Society) and have discussions. This site is really the members’ site; the more you use it, the more interesting it will be. You may also post to this site by emailing to There is also a public Facebook page which we encourage you to “like” and it will have information on public events and general happenings at the Society.


Realm is our Society’s new online community! Visit for information about Realm, including how to activate your Realm account. If you have a FUUSB-related announcement that you would like to share through a Realm email to the congregation, please email your announcement to


Email Christina to have events or content added to the FUUSB website.

Order of Service Announcements

(currently suspended while services are held online)

Order of service announcements are due Monday at noon for publication in the following Sunday’s order of service. Please keep these announcements fairly short (fewer than 50 words) to keep our paper usage to a minimum. Send order of service announcements to

As another way to save paper, we are discouraging the use of inserts in the order of service. Please consider carefully before submitting an insert. If you decide that an insert is absolutely necessary, it must fit on one third of an 8½ X 14″ or 8½ X 11″ sheet of paper and must arrive to us copy ready. Please note that we will only allow one insert per event. This means that we will not publish your insert for more than one Sunday. Please consider advertising your event in the eNews as an alternative to an insert.

How to Get the Word Out (Download PDF)