October Family Faith Development Programming

You’re Invited… 

…to Family Faith Development Programming in October! Come take advantage of the fall weather and the canopy in the Memorial Garden to spend meaningful time with other FUUers of all ages on our grounds. Each Sunday morning at 11:00 there will be coffee and tea served outside the garden gate and a family chapel followed by crafts and activities inside it. We strive to create programs which focus on the needs of families with children, while also having multigenerational appeal. Come for the whole hour, or stay outside enjoying a warm drink and conversation and then wander in after our chapel’s done to complete a craft or join in a game (indeed sometimes our activities will bring us out of the garden and onto the entire grounds.) Worried about having time to travel to the Meeting House after watching the live-streamed service? We are working on setting up a large-screen tv watch party for the service at 10:00, weather permitting. We’ll be testing out the tech this Sunday, and hoping to have worked out the glitches for the remaining four Sundays in October. 

10/3, 11 a.m. – Family Faith Development Programming:
Cultivating Relationship with the natural world and each other!
With Erika Reif, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

The first of our October series, Sundays at 11:00, we’ll begin with a short family chapel, play an active game to get the blood pumping, and then start crafting with purpose; we’re making suncatchers with the natural materials we find on the grounds and printing cards with the fruits (and veggies) of the harvest. We’re hoping you’ll let us send your creations to members of our community who cannot come enjoy the garden in person. Concurrent with in-person coffee hour, so warm beverages for all. Make friends, meet the world with wonder, listen deeply, and bring out your inner artist! 

Looking Forward! 

10/10, 11 a.m. – Murmur of the Birds
With Margo Whitcomb, Faith Development Assistant

Join us as we participate in an international art project to be displayed in Glasgow, Scotland during the Cop26 Global Climate Summit! A multigenerational endeavor to combine the making of origami birds (with promises) to better protect the planet. For more information on this global initiative, which “reminds us of collective, of power in numbers, of the power of art, the power of community and the power of care,” click here and here: Conference of the Birds.

10/17, 11 a.m. – Collective Nature Art
With Margo Whitcomb, Faith Development Assistant

“We often forget that we are NATURE.” – Andy Goldsworthy, environmental artist
Following Goldsworthy’s mission of feeling, experiencing and creating with natural elements that flow through the landscape around us, we will do likewise. Bring yourself, your family, your committee, your chalice circle, and connect more deeply by creating living sculpture together.