Like so many others, our community has been facing the challenge of social distancing for many, many months now. Earlier this fall, representatives of the Caring and Belonging teams gathered in retreat to discern how we could better meet this great need together, with a strengthening, rather than attrition, of our caring and belonging ministry. We arrived at a renewed Vision for rising to this moment. We want to lean into, rather than wait out, the last months of the pandemic, and bring more FUUSB members into deep and sacred, caring connections with one another. We want to emerge closer, for our shared struggles, not more distant, wherever possible. From supporting one-on-one and small group connections, to networks of mutual care and shared spiritual practice, and more, we feel energized by this vision.

Beginning in December, FUUSB has contracted with Rev. David Ruffin, who led our fall retreat, to support this work through a consultant ministry. With his support, we are working to refine and enact our vision. We are in the beginning stages of this, but stay tuned to hear more! 

In the meantime, we’re getting going over the holiday season with this “little” effort…

Community Blessings

Calls to Community

We really care about how our community members are doing over the holidays and so we are going to contact, by phone, as many members of the community as possible over the next month. In this time of isolation and quarantining and not seeing each other at the Society, we figured a phone call from another community member would be nice and, we’re hoping, even feel like a blessing. If you would like to be one of the community members making these calls, contact Rev. David Ruffin. If we don’t get someone on the phone we will leave a message, but expect a phone call from a number you might not recognize. Mostly, caring for our beloved community members during this time is important, and we are excited to make this small gesture and find out how everyone is doing.

Message from Rev. David Ruffin

We also invite you to please check out this video of Rev. David Ruffin introducing himself and speaking to this new initiative in our Caring and Belonging ministry. He would also welcome hearing from anyone with questions, thoughts, concerns and feedback regarding Caring and Belonging at FUUSB. Feel free to contact Rev. David at any time.