Religious Education Wiki

Yes, the First UU Society’s Religious Education Program has its own wiki! What’s a wiki you ask? Have you heard of Wikipedia? That’s probably the most famous wiki. The inventor of the wiki, Ward Cunningham, describes it as “the simplest online database that could possibly work.”

The word wiki is Hawaiian for fast or quick. And that’s how a wiki works. It’s a collaborative online tool that allows people to quickly add to, modify and delete from web pages. They don’t have to know anything about coding. Pages are automatically created, linked, and instantly published to the web.

There are many purposes for wikis. Wikipedia shares all kind of information, like an encyclopedia. Our Religious Education Wiki is for sharing all kinds of information about our RE Program. And we are happy to have you not only benefit from the information, but also to contribute!

Our RE Wiki is very new. So far, there is information that would be helpful to teachers, parents, the Religious Education Committee members and others who may be invovled in planning, organizing or leading special events. You can look at the information without registering. If you do want to participate, you'll need to register. Please feel free to jump right in. If you need help or to register, contact Rachel Schek or Tree Spaulding.