We are a liberal religious community united in our mission to inspire spiritual growth, care for each other and our community, seek truth and act for justice. We are guided not by a creed but by shared values. These values include love, compassion, service, justice and truth. We also believe strongly in individual freedom of belief and we encourage our members to develop a personal theology that is meaningful and true for them. We are guided by our core values as reflected in our Seven Principles.


Mission: We are united in our commitment to live out our mission to inspire spiritual growth, to care for each other and our community, to seek truth, and to act for justice. 


Values: We are guided by our values—

Love-Nourishing lives with love, caring and compassion,

Service-Building a community for justice, equity & empathetic action,

Openness-Celebrating the wonders of life and spiritual transformation with boldness, joy, courage and openness, and

Respect-Engaging all with kindness, understanding & mutual respect as faithful democratic stewards of all we hold dear.


Ends: We lead to see our global ends are actualized—

Justice & Outreach: FUUSB uses its power as an organization and faith community to work for social, economic and environmental justice.

Worship & Music: FUUSB’s welcoming worship, supported by powerful and diverse music and art, acts as a magnet that fosters spiritual growth, compassion, introspection and impetus to action.

Caring & Belonging: FUUSB is a compassionate community, offering all who engage in its ministries a profound sense of welcome, belonging, and spiritual care through life’s joys, struggles, and sacred passages.

Spiritual Growth & Learning: FUUSB provides diverse opportunities for transformational spiritual growth, faith development and personal discovery promoting life-long learning for all ages and stages of life.

Stewardship & Resources: FUUSB generously stewards our mission and strongly supports ministries, activities and an historic building and spaces.