Fellowship Opportunities

socializing together after the serviceWe like to socialize and have fun together!

Be sure to check the Enew Blast to see what's coming up.


Sunday Social Hour

Every Sunday there is a Social Hour, another great opportunity for casual conversation, in The Parlors following the Sunday service. Coffee and tea is available there all Sunday morning. There's also coffee and tea available in the Community Room downstairs on Sundays. This is the area where most of the children's religious education classes are. If you have children participating, you are welcome to join us there to socialize while waiting for them.

Women’s Alliance

The Women's Alliance welcomes women of all ages. It has a long history of supporting First UU Society activities and needs by providing funding for special projects.

For many years, they have maintained the Parlors by providing new furniture, blinds, carpets, and so one, as needed. Until recently, the Alliance was responsible for the Holiday Bazaar, which is now under the direction of the Council. The Alliance, however, continues to participate.

The group meets at the meetinghouse the first Friday of most months for a business meeting and lunch. Guest speakers are often invited.

If you are interested in learning more about the Women's Alliance, please women talking by the side doorcontact Ellen Hsieh at ellenhsieh@comcast.net.

Other Special Events

Throughout the year there are special events when members and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company.  Events could be anything from a jaz z concert to the Passover Seder to the Stewardship Kick-Off Variety Show. Announcements in the weekly Enews Blasts will keep you up- to-date about what's coming up. Sign up for Enews Blasts on the home page where it says Email Contact List in the right column.