Disaster Relief Update

Christina Fulton, Director of Operations and Finance

On Sunday, October 8, we collected $1,267 for disaster relief. We were hoping to help people in a more direct way than giving to major organizations. I wanted to give you an update on where our money went.

We gave $452 worth of books from a wish list created to support children of color in Houston and Miami, two copies of every book on their wish list! We gave $460 to help Queer and Trans residents impacted by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. And finally we gave $355 to earthquake survivors, residents of Hueyapan, Morelos, Mexico. Each gift was sent with a message that said, “This gift was given with love from the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Vermont, USA.” You may recall a desire on my part to give directly to women of color affected by hurricanes in Houston and Miami. Unfortunately, most of the giving sites for those women were either already taken down or did not accept gifts in a way that we were able to give. So I opted for the book wish list, which was also recommended by Black Lives UU. What a joy to arrange for these gifts! Thank you everyone for giving so generously.