When You Arrive

Where to Enter

When you arrive Sunday morning, you can enter the sanctuary either from the entrance facing Church Street or the side entrance where you will see the ramp.

Greeters and Nametags

At each entrance, you'll be able to get a copy of the order of service from an usher or greeter. Please fill out a name tag so we can get to know you – if you are a relative newcomer, please use a name tag with a blue border.

Meet a Member

Before and after the service, someone from the membership committee will usually be near the piano at the front of the sanctuary to greet you and answer your questions.

Joys and Sorrows

Just inside the back of the sanctuary, there is a small table behind the last pew with a book for those attending the service to write down their Joys or Sorrows . These will be read out loud during the service, so please use discretion regarding private and personal matters.


If you have very young children, feel free to take advantage of our nursery in the basement, near the library. Pre-school and school-age children typically stay in the sanctuary with their parents/guardians for about the first 15 minutes of the service. After that, they go downstairs for the Religious Education classes. If your children are visiting a Religious Education class, please complete a visitor’s form – they are available at the welcome table when you enter the sanctuary or downstairs at the welcome table.


After the service, please join us in the parlor for socializing. There is an information table there with brochures and other information to answer your questions. The services end 15 minutes before the end of Religious Education classes – so parents and guardians can enjoy a cup of coffee and some socializing before picking their children up. There is also coffee and tea available downstairs where the classrooms are. Parents enjoy socializing with each other while waiting for their children.