Stewardship Roles

Religious Education Stewardship Role Descriptions

These short descriptions will give you an idea of what the various roles are. If you would like a more in-depth understanding, you can talk with the Director of Religious Education and/or ask for the detailed descriptions of roles you may be considering. More information is provided to guide you in performing a role when you have chosen one. There's something for everyone!

Applications and other RE forms are available from the Members' Forms page on this website.

Team-Teaching Leader

Each class group of children is led by a team of teachers who commit, in rotating pairs, to hour-long Sunday morning classes. As a leader, you are expected to prepare the lesson and activities, using a curriculum provided by the Religious Education office. Leaders should be comfortable with planning and leading activities, and are encouraged to assist sometimes too, as they support other team members to grow into lead-teaching. We strive for four people per team, who share the leading and assisting. With 20 classroom Sundays per UU year, this means about 10 Sundays with the class.

Team-Teaching Assistant

With two adults in each class on Sunday, teaching team members who mainly assist can support the lead teachers and the class in many ways. While they don’t have to plan, they might offer to purchase supplies or help prepare a lesson. During class, they can prepare snack and help manage children’s behavior and otherwise support a smooth, successful morning. Assistants are encouraged to eventually step up into leading as they gain comfort and familiarity with the curriculum, the class, and its routines. We strive for four people per team, who share the leading and assisting. With 20 classroom Sundays per UU year, this means about 10 Sundays with the class.

Team-Teaching Coordinator

A key member of the teaching team is the Coordinator, who serves as the conduit of information between the team and the Director of Religious Education. Coordinators also keep the team and the class aware of the class schedule and sequence of lessons. They make sure two team members are signed up for each classroom Sunday, and that someone is providing snack. Since they are coordinating, it’s reasonable for them to teach a little less than the team members, about 8 Sundays per year.

Youth Advisor

Youth Advisors function as a team, somewhat like the teaching teams, supporting the programming of our high school Yuuth Group. Youth Advisors are expected to uphold a balance of leadership between themselves and the youth, gradually handing over more responsibilities to the youth as they demonstrate their capabilities. Advisors are supported closely and coordinated by DRE, and guide the youth through implementation of annual social justice activities. They keep a gentle but sure hand on the “tiller” of the group, ensuring that it balances fun with depth and meaning of distinctly UU content. Sunday late afternoon/evening availability is important, and willingness to chaperone 1-2 overnights per year is a bonus.

Junior Youth Chaperone

Several times a year, we organize fun social activities for our seventh and eighth graders which call for adult chaperones. Often they are off-site, but sometimes they take place at First UU. Chaperones work in pairs or small groups, depending on the number of youth participating.

Angel Team

Religious Education Angels provide a variety of support roles to children’s Sunday morning programming. They greet and orient visitors with children or youth and prepare an RE Welcome Table. They check in on classes during classroom Sundays, and provide general support and crowd control on Justice and Vacation Sundays.

Vacation Sunday Team

Vacation Sundays happen about 6-7 times a year, on a few 3-day weekends, and flanking school vacation weeks in February and April. On these days, three or four Vacation Sunday Team members organize several easy-prep activities and games for a mixed age group in and around the Community Room. Vacation Sunday Team members need to commit to being here on some Sundays when many people go away.

Justice Sunday Team

Several times a year, we have Justice Sundays that offer the children, in a mixed age setting, opportunities to learn together about a justice-related theme. Frequently, we bring in a special guest to do a related presentation. Sometimes, a variety of activities support the theme. Justice Sunday Team members help plan and implement the specific activities.

Magic Penny Team

Each week the children put "magic pennies" into a container kept in their classrooms. At the end of the 11:00 class, this collection is emptied into a locked box in one of the supply closets. About once a month we need two people to count it and fill out a simple form so we can deposit it into the magic penny account. About every two years that money is contributed to needy or worthy causes. A small team is needed to manage this project.

Supply Team

There are three supply closets in the Community Room. Every Sunday morning the RE Angel unlocks the closets for classroom use and relocks them at the end of the 11:00 class. We try to keep them organized and well stocked. Each classroom also has a standard set of basic supplies. Teachers can let us know if they are getting low on anything. A small team is needed to maintain the closets, restock rooms and to conduct a simple inventory at the end of the year so we know what supplies to order.

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee (REC) works cooperatively with the Director of Religious Education, providing leadership and support for the RE program goals. The committee’s focus is on programming for children and youth, but it is developing a connection with the Adult Programs Committee to move toward a Lifespan educational scope. The REC meets the first Wednesday of the month, from August to June.

General Support Team

If you have a particular skill, talent, or contribution you feel would support our religious education program, please tell us about it! Possibilities could include all kinds of special projects and tasks like bulletin board displays, organizing projects, procuring special items or supplies, designing posters or flyers, demonstrating a unique skill, providing food for an event… you name it!


We expect people who are new to our congregation to take six months to receive from this faith community before contributing to it as a volunteer! Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances. Please contact the Director of Religious Education to discuss this.

Questions or Comments?

Be sure to contact the Director of Religious Education if you have any questions or comments. They are always welcome.