Service of Installation

 On Sunday, March 30, 2014, our congregation celebrated an historic event when we installed our 15th settled minister, Rev. Mara Julia Dowdall.  A dedicated committee spent months pulling together every last detail of this celebration.  We have attempted to gather snippets of that day so that you may share in our joy!




Children's Installation 

During the morning worship service on Sunday, March 30th, the children participated in their own Installation for Rev. Mara Dowdall where they gave Mara her charge and then presented her with a gift they made for her.

Children's Charge to Rev. Mara



Service of Installation

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 30, 2014, we held the formal Service of Installation for Rev. Mara Dowdall at the First UU Society of Burlington.  Ministers from all over  Burlington and the Northern New England District of the UUA processed along with congregational presidents and directors of religious education.  Special guests, invited by Mara, participated in the service.



Installation Order of Service 

Guest Speakers 

Call to Celebration - Martha Dallas, DRE First UU Society of Burlington, VT

Welcome - Martha Fitzgerald & Gene Bergman, Members of First UU Society of Burlington, VT

Greetings from Burlington Area Ministers Association - Rabbi Joshua Chasan

Greetings from  Minister Emeritus - Rev. Gary Kowalski

Introduction to Installation Hymn - Rev. Doctor Thomas Mikelson

Reading - Rev. Doctor Robert Senghas

Offertory Remarks - Rev. Barnaby Feder

Installation Sermon - Rev. Shawn Newton

Charge to Congregation - Rev. Susan Conrad

Prayer of Installation - Rev. Roddy O'Neil Cleary


Please check back as we will be posting audio clips from the Installation soon!