2012 Sermons

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Islam and Science: by Muyhedeen Batah
December 16th, 2012

 There exists here an almost unanimous consensus that politically the Muslim does not exist, and when it is allowed that he does, it is either as a nuisance or as an Oriental.

We have "scholars" and "Experts" on Islam. Those "Scholars and experts" either self-appointed or get appointed by the media as experts on Islam because they may have read one or two books most likely written by an unqualified authors but none the less they are called "experts".



In Praise of Our Roots: by Julia Kimball
May 20th, 2012

 My favorite book the year I was ten was Are You There God, its Me, Margaret.  I loved that book because Margaret was almost the same as me, just backwards.  Her mother was Christian and her Dad Jewish.  My mom was Jewish and my dad Mormon and they told me that when I grew up I could believe in and be whatever religion I wanted.  When I grew up I could decide if I believed in God or something else.


In Praise of Our Roots: by Bridget Meyer
May 20th, 2012

 Who made you?
God Made me
Why did God make you?
God made me to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.
So begins the study for First Communion for Catholic Children. Somewhere inside the six year old girl memorizing these words roiled the skeptic, feminist, agnostic/atheist woman you see before you today.




From Here to There: Ruminations on Journey: by Martha Dallas
March 18th, 2012

 Each of us is unique, with our lives one grand unfolding journey. And within it, our years and days hold smaller journeys. Thresholds and revelations are ever emerging, as we walk multiple, varied paths at once. The gift in this notion is that any moment contains qualities of beginning if we choose to see them.



JUMP: by Ginger Hobbs and Jean Palmer
February 19th, 2012



Church Work in the Diaspora: by Rev. Zoltan Koppadi-Benczedi
January 8th, 2012

Isten áldja! Isten áldjon! God bless you! – I greet you with the traditional Transylvanian Unitarian Greeting! And: Good luck – as the miners say to each other in my hometown. My name is Zoltán Koppándi-Benczédi, and I am currently the Transylvanian scholar studying in Berkeley, and I also try to be a strengthening link between the Unitarian/Universalist churches in North America, and the Unitarian churches in Transylvania.