2006 Sermons

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Celebrating the Spirit of Kwansaa: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
December 31st, 2006

Thank you, Nathaniel! We need to be reminded of the joy, the fun, that comes from being involved with other good people in something worthwhile!


Hanukkah and Hope: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
December 17th, 2006

The delicate is not always the most durable. Living things are notoriously perishable.


All is Possible: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
December 10th, 2006

Some of you may be old enough to remember the play South Pacific. If so you might recall the song Mary Martin sang in the role of Nellie Forbush, about being "a cockeyed optimist."


A Post-Human future?: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
December 3rd, 2006

Imagine that you had power .... unprecedented, life-altering power to shape the course of human evolution. Imagine you could forever rid the world of disability and disease.


The Bread of Life : by Reverend Gary Kowalski
November 19th, 2006

Gratitude can sometimes be so intense you can almost taste it. It demands physical expression, so that we have to jump for joy, or dance or pray, or enjoy a long, tight embrace with someone we love.


Exploring Together: by Martha Dallas
November 12th, 2006

The youthful huntress, Diana, poised to release her arrow… Paperwhite narcissuses blooming in my house, scenting the air I breathe as I write… flopping over, instead of standing up straight like they do in the photos of my houseplant catalog…


What would Jesus eat?: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
November 5th, 2006

Next time you’re browsing through the fridge searching for a snack, or waiting for your entree at your favorite restaurant, here’s something you might ponder: how many of the stories and parables of the New Testament deal with food? You can hardly turn a page without encountering some culinary event.


Love and Music: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
October 29th, 2006

We hear a lot today about “culture wars” and we ourselves may have experienced firsthand culture shock either inside or outside of our own country.


Pale Blue Dot : by Reverend Gary Kowalski
October 22nd, 2006

Probably the most famous photograph of the last fifty years is the one snapped by Apollo 17. You know the one I mean. Most of the coast of Africa is visible along with the Arabian peninsula.


Who are you people?: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
October 15th, 2006

A few years ago when I visited a cousin of mine after many years of separation, I was intrigued by the size of a model airplane hanging in a prominent place in his home.


Coming Out: Generation to Generation: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
October 9th, 2006

Imagine that you’re a parent. Your teenage son suggests that he needs to talk. That’s odd.


Mental Illness and Spiritual Health: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
October 1st, 2006

Community is hard to define but I know it when I see it. In a real community, people are more important than possessions. History is tangible, like an old apple tree that’s weathered storms but still sends out shoots each spring. Celebrations are shared.


America and the Religion of Fear: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
September 16th, 2006

Unlike yesterday or tomorrow, the United States Constitution is on display this Sunday. Just once a year, the whole thing is made public, and if you were in Washington, D.C. you could see it this afternoon.


Magic, Muggles and Beating the Boggarts: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
September 6th, 2006

Why is a congregation of Unitarian Universalists like a boxful of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans? Because we too come in such a wild assortment of varieties.


Rearing UU Kids in a Non-UU World: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
May 28th, 2006

Childhood ends. Babies grow up and move away. But parenting goes on and on.


Becoming Yourself: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
May 21st, 2006

In the 1960's, Harvey Cox's book The Secular City made quite a stir. It seemed to connect with a lot of people's experience. Much of what he wrote I believe holds true for our own time.


Unitarians in Transylvania: by Reading
May 7th, 2006

The story of Unitarians in Transylvania begins in 1566, when Francis David (David Ferenc) began to proclaim an extension of the protestant reformation in Kolozsvar.


Tuesdays with Jesus: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
April 15th, 2006

Everyone needs a teacher in their life, a wise guide or mentor. The best teachers are the ones who not only have book learning but also heart knowledge, who convey a message not merely with their words but also with the power and example of their lives.


Speed Dating with Buddha : by Reverend Gary Kowalski
April 2nd, 2006

Living in Vermont, I expect to be behind the times, two or three fashion steps behind the rest of the country. Mention “blackberries” here and folks still imagine you’re talking about a pie filling.


The Heart of Justice: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
March 26th, 2006

Two weeks ago our Small Group met in the parlors right behind this Sanctuary.


Forgiving God: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
March 12th, 2006

In 1986 a rabbi was visiting Jerusalem. He became the innocent victim of a random act of violence.


Living Your Faith: by Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan
March 5th, 2006

Ours is one of the wealthiest and spiritually homogenous nations on earth. Depending on which poll you look at and how the question is asked around eighty five percent of Americans call themselves Christian.


Cause For Celebration: by Roddy O'Neil Cleary
February 19th, 2006

Last month after the service I was downstairs in the kitchen off the community room. I'd gone down with an RE family to pick up the peanut butter brownies they had made for a meal that we were serving that night at the Food Shelf.


Something Deeply Hidden: by Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan
February 5th, 2006

How does it happen that sometimes we "wonder" quite spontaneously about an experience?


The Austerity of Love: by Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan
February 2nd, 2006

Because the kindergarten hoedown started prompted at 9 a.m. and because the school bells rings at 8:35, parents had 25 minutes between dropping off their kids and seeing them again at the big event….


And It Was Good: by Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan
January 29th, 2006

James Weldon Johnson caught some of the power of an old-time sermon in his poem, “The Creation.”


A House of Hospitality: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
January 29th, 2006

Growing up as a Unitarian, there was very little ritual in my life. But in the home where I was reared, we did have a mazuzah on our door.


Land of the Free: by Reverend Gary Kowalski
January 15th, 2006

On Sunday, March 21, 1965, the first day of spring, three thousand Americans gathered in Selma, Alabama, to march together toward the state capitol in Montgomery.