Religious Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage each other in practicing our UU values in our mystery-affirming faith to make the world a better place.

~ Adopted May 17, 2008

Religious Education Program Goals

We recognize the vital role of children, youth and families in our faith community and world at large and seek to support them with our RE Cooperative. Our goals are:  


UU Principles

To provide a supportive, safe and caring community that teaches, models, and reinforces the seven UU principles



Engaging Environment

To create an engaging spiritual environment that offers time for communal creativity, reflection, affirmation and wonderment.



Unitarian Universalism 

To explore Unitarian Universalism, its history, its sources, and its traditions of questioning, listening, observing, serving and thinking about the greatest good in life. 



Global Citizens

To teach about the rights and responsibilities inherent in determining our own personal values and to model the courage needed to develop and carry out our own convictions as global citizens.


autumn leaves


To foster development of a lifelong spiritual journey.




"To find your religion, it's not enough just to open one's mind and think deeply. Each of us must also open all of our senses and experience the world. Religion grows from the heart as much as the head, and it cries out to fuse body and mind.

Faith is an orientation of the whole personality, a total response…. Having faith means that our lives hold together and make sense at a deeper level, rather than seeming absurd. Therefore your religion is something you not only think about but also sing, dance, eat, paint, and sculpt.

To find your religion you must engage all of your senses. You should feel it as well as explain it, hear it as well as see it. Taste it as well as smell it."
  ~ Scotty McLennan