Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Information about the 8th Grade OWL Program

The following three PDFs contain information for this year's program. Please read everything and download/print the application to complete and send.

Information About OWL Program Values and 7th-9th grade Curriculum Topics

Information About the 8th Grade OWL Program at First UU

Application Form and Details about the Application and Registration Process

General Information About Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a lifespan curriculum for comprehensive sexuality education.  The First Unitarian Universalist Society is proud to offer these age-appropriate classes for groups from kindergarten through adult.

Joint Effort

The creation of this extensive curriculum has been a joint effort of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries of the United Church of Christ.

What You'll Get

OWL has been designed for use in secular as well as religious settings. Participants are given knowledge, principles and life skills that will help them express their sexuality in life-enhancing ways.


As a faith community we want to promote justice for all. We affirm the dignity of the individual as well as the interdependence of all people and the importance of individual responsibility. Sexual expression can be a means to encounter the spiritual and enrich one's life. For these reasons, we take an active role in promoting human sexuality education and justice by offering these classes.


Here are flyers for the programs we hope to offer:

Kindergarten and First Grade

Fourth through Sixth Grades

Seventh through Ninth Grades - This is the program we currently offer.