“Love and Restoration”

If we are paying close attention to the latest insights of climate science, we have a lot to fear about our future as human beings, the future of this planet, and the future of all life that shares this precious and beautiful home with us. … read more.


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Food for Thought

“Transformation means complete and total metamorphosis… And certainly some of us may be ready to embrace that… But I think that most weeks I am like a lot of our parishioners—not all, but most—when I say that I’m not looking for a religion that tells me from the get-go that I need a complete overhaul. I’m looking for a religion that first and foremost welcomes me as I am, a busy, flawed, often bewildered person who is doing her best in a complicated world… We’re not talking semantics here; we’re talking about a foundational theological statement: Are you good enough to walk into Unitarian Universalism as you are, or do we need you to change into something other than you are? Can’t have it both ways. I take the side of welcoming you as you are… That’s the Unitarian Universalist theological position, the non-Calvinist-no-original-sin religion I was born into, and I’m still drawn to it. Inherent dignity. Inherent worth. Our theology says you need not be transformed first. Come as you are and be blessed.”
Rev. Jane Rzepka