“What Can We Do?”

In these times, the news is often overwhelming and we may feel powerless to do anything — or feel that what we do makes no difference. Guest preacher Rev. Jane Dwinell will share her ideas about the things we can do even when change and … read more.


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Food for Thought

“One of the truths we know is that we live in an enchanted universe. The up-there and down-here mingle, the earthly and the heavenly mirror each other. We have no choice but to continue to redeem the world, to save the world from our own selves. We are, ironically, the cause of the breaking and just might be the channel of healing. To make the world whole, we ourselves have to become healed, become whole. Our well-being and the world being well are linked together. To tend to our own inner lives is not selfishness; it is wisdom, it is essential, and it is unavoidable. There is self-care that turns towards narcissism. And there is also a different self-care that posits a self that is harmonious with fellow human beings, with the natural cosmos, and every sentient being.” – Omid Safi